How To

First of all, you have to add our bot on Steam: SHP-BOT. Now wait, until we have confirmed that. Then contact us via Mail using the template given below. We will view the order and we will send you an offer for a special price if you choose more than one game. We accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Steam Cards and PaySafeCard. You'll recieve your games as a gift from our bot.

Template for ordering games: Send a mail to First give your Steam ID or your name (in this case, please do NOT change your name on steam until the process is done!). then add the Game IDs from our list and the amount (if no amount is given we assume that you want one item) if you want to buy multiple items wait for a quote as answer, we give you a special price for your order.

Normal processing time is between 2 hours to 48 hours. the mails will be checked and processed every day at 10 a.m. UTC and 6 p.m. UTC.